Jorge Dias, DEEC
University of Coimbra, Portugal
(ECOBOTICS.SEA Coordinator)

ECOBOTICS.SEA is a future-oriented 4-year research project with a research-driven human-resources training network in its center.
ECOBOTICS.SEA focuses on the research of underwater robotics and biomimetics concepts and technology, targeting problems and needs in the real world that are related to the study of biospheres, species and ecosystems and their preservation.
8 Early-Stage Research Projects (ESRP) compose the research plan. The research to be carried out in these 8 ESRP is organized into 5 scientific work packages. The core of the research activities is constituted by 88 months of secondments within the partner network which are essential for ensuring the required knowledge and know-how transfer between the partners.
The partner network is composed by 3 universities and R&D institutes and 3 companies located in European member states, plus 1 R&D in Third Countries. The consortium is highly interdisciplinary, aggregating excellence from various domains, including robotics, biomimetics for water/underwater systems, automation, biology, ecosystem preservation, entrepreneurship and anthropology applied to species preservation.
Workshops, summer schools and international conferences serve as complementary measures, not only for further stimulating the exchange of knowledge and providing training, namely to the ESRs, but also for achieving the 4 scientific objectives as specified in the proposal. ECOBOTICS.SEA also incorporates a detailed and well defined career and risk management and training towards application-oriented R&D.
Finally, the project is planned to establish an open community that will grow over time and enlarge its impact during and beyond the period of this project, resulting in a lasting, truly international R&D and business network beyond the project’s lifetime.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no 824043